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Many themes in 'The Spirits' Book' by Allan Kardec are adequate and understandable to children and teenagers. But other themes can seem too complex and out of reach, or even uninteresting, to such young minds. In 'The Little Spirits' Book for Young Adults and Beginners', specific questions and answers were selected from 'The Spirits' Book', which are more in tune with the interest and the universe of children and teenagers. The language was modernized and adapted, making it easier for the understanding of the young and/or novice public, while at the same time staying faithful to everything that Allan Kardec and the spirits meant to transmit. The main aim of 'The Little Spirits' Book for Young Adults and Beginners' is to serve as a stimulus so that the young and novice readers can, later on when maturity permits, fully engage in the complete lecture of the wonderful book that is Kardec's 'The Spirits' Book'.

Publication Date: Abr 04 2010
ISBN/EAN13: 1450533787 / 9781450533782
Page Count: 88
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.25" x 8"
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Fiction / General

Preface to the English Edition

The Spirit’s Book by Allan Kardec defined and served as the foundation for all Spiritist Literature to come. Over the years, the knowledge imparted in this book enriched my life in ways I cannot describe. As a natural consequence and, most importantly as a mother, I envisioned the impact a version of this book, primed specially for young people, would have.  As a practicing Spiritist, I would like nothing better than to provide children with an opportunity to benefit from its wealth of knowledge and inspiration as I did.
        Understandably, the effort to convert the language to simpler terms could not be an easy task. We are all indebted to Ms. Bergallo for accepting the challenge. In the book’s introduction she gives insights into the difficulties she encountered. We can see that her experience in writing for children and adolescents served her well during this enterprise. 
I asked my teenage son to proofread the book and waited impatiently for his comments. After years of attending services at a Spiritist Center and particularly doctrinal instructions in children and youth groups he is, at this time, ready for more mature Spiritual matters. His comment was remarkably gratifying: “Mom, now I understand what is written in this book.”
Can you imagine my happiness when I heard that? It is my sincere hope that this version brings to parents in all English-speaking countries the same joy and fulfillment that it has brought my family. 

Jussara Korngold
Spiritist Group of New York, Inc. - Founder and President
Spiritist Alliance for Books, Inc. - Founder and President 
New York, January 2010

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